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Task Force 212 Stoneking

NATO Task Force 211 Stonefish is a group of well selected, formidable trained and properly equiped NATO forces skilled in anti-insurgency operations. In this particular case their enemies are Imram Zacharijev´s Akbar Shqipëria insurgents. This organization with albanian origin moved to Afghanistan recently after the operation Bloody Sunrise IV. in 2013.

Bloody Sunrise Stonefish´s main objectives are to seek and destroy Akbar Shqipëria itself and all its equipment. It is presumed its destruction in Afghanistan will lead to entire organization worldwide desolution. It is also presumed its destruction will disrupt Taleban operations even. Allied base of operations is selected – Fort Protector in Zabul.

All the ISAF units are to be stationed in millitary tents at Fort Protector base.

There are chemicall toilletes, drink water, power generators and military tents available at the TF-212 base of operations.



Bloody Sunrise



Important and valuable to the ISAF command is the Personal Eye System (PES). This revolutionary system is used by the command to provide the best inter team link available. Each specific unit has one PC tablet with PES ready-to-use available as well as the high command´ HQ is PES equipped. This system can cover also players´ own devices (needed to inform the Crew on time).



Recommended: desert camouflage or multi-cam uniform, helmet, body armor

Required: complete camouflage uniform



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