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Task Force 212 Stoneking - Recon

task-force-vlajky Task Force 211 Stonefish is a group of well selected, formidable trained and properly equiped NATO forces skilled in anti-insurgency operations. In this particular case their enemies are Imram Zacharijev´s Akbar Shqipëria insurgents. This organization with albanian origin moved to Afghanistan recently after the operation Bloody Sunrise IV. in 2013.

Pruzkum1Recon teams´ primary objectives are hidden deployment within designated area of operations, precise recon work accomplishment and insurgency activities detection. Every intel gathered, situation and changes have to be reported immediatly via dedicated communication channel.

Pruzkum2 It is obvious that the Task Force mission objectives accomplishment depends how good intel is gathered. Recon teams work in 2-3 members per section. While their mission is intel collection it is also obvious this work is not suited for everyone.

There is to be recon teams dedicated training approx one month prior the event. Mutual teambased rehearsing as well as general standards addopting is necessary.



Important and valuable to the ISAF command is the Personal Eye System (PES). This revolutionary system is used by the command to provide the best inter team link available. Each specific unit has one PC tablet with PES ready-to-use available as well as the high command´ HQ is PES equipped. This system can cover also players´ own devices (needed to inform the Crew on time).



Recommended: desert camouflage or multi-cam uniform, helmet, body armor

Required: complete camouflage uniform