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uckMarch 2011

Rebellion is ran in Albania by radical islamic organization led by Imram Zacharijev, imam of Akbar Shqipëria religious sect. Their goal is to establish islamic state and unification of balkan albanians under the flag of a single state.

Notwithstanding by limited public support only they gained control of several smaller towns and minor millitary bases. However they acquired some ammount of medium range missiles, battle tanks and gunships.

At the end of March situation impression was the army started loosing control and acting president Bamir Topih requested NATO assistance.


April 2013
On the 3rd of April several NATO forces crossed the borders of Albania by sea and land. First of all the greeks of the 2nd Airborne regiment in south Albania city of Korcë and the italiens of the 13th Special Operations regiment „Ieros Lochos“. In the evening hours of the first day an opertional headquarters has been established by italien Folgore and Friuli paratroopers in coastal town of Durrës. On the second day the american 1st USMC divisions and german and french NRF disembarked.

C78C7CF39BB8 10 By the end of April 2013 there were 95.000 NATO personnel in Albania. Ahkbar Shqipëria was in dissaray, suffering heavy casualties and lost almost all of its fighters and supplies. The operation seemed to became the very first successfull NATO operation ever.

In this hopeless situation Zacharijev´s last last big gambit has been commenced …

In quick reaction NATO launched an operation to fight the rest down. Unfortunately most of the teams did not find their area of operations in time and even despite the rest of the troops accomplished the elimination of wanted Zloran Bestiev, one of Zacharijev´s most trustables.

Imram Zacharijev´s base of operations remained hidden and insurgency was still alive.

In the course of european parliament intervention a moratory has been accepted for further allied operations. The role of the mediator took over by the OSN and next 12 months were led in finding compromise between the NATO, exiled albanian government and the rebels. In October 2013 in the last days of peace talks an ambush carried by albian envoy´s escort occured out. Its targets were of exiled albanian government representatives and some NATO officials. Effective immediately all the peace talks were canceled. In reaction new Task Force 175 Stonefall has been established consisting of american USMC, german DSO, british Royal Marines and SAS and AČR specialists. Also the russian army advisers got invited. Bloody Sunrise


End of May 2013, the operation Bloody Sunrise IV.
The Allies managed to acquire stolen medium range missiles and also achieved some particular results. They even managed to gather precise location of Imram Zacharijev and his den but he again slipped away.

April 2015, the operation Bloody Sunrise V.

After the hunt for Imram Zacharijev in 2013 where he managed to bypass encirclement and slipped away at the end he went silent for nearly two years. Until now – early in 2015 our intelligence gathered some vital intel he is now in Zabul´s mountainous region where he joined the Taleban together with his closests. He also gained major leadership within the locals. In March 2015 the NATO command got some clues where his whereabouts is. New NATO Task Force 211 Stonefish is established and the hunt for Imram Zacharijev may continue once again …


Bloody Sunrise