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Bloody Sunrise

By Imram Zacharijev led Islamic radical insurgent group Akbar Shqipëria is one of the most brutal and dedicated rebel group on Earth. The group´s (sometimes called the sect) main objectives were domantion over the Albania, introduction of Sharia code of law and unification of Kosovo and Albania hence establishing new state of Great Albania.

During the NATO´s operation Bloody Sunrise IV. in 2013 Zacharijev barely escaped and went undercover for nearly two years. Then he managed to slip into Zabul´s mountains in Afghanistan where he joined with his most trustables the Taleban insurgent movement. He soon became major commander getting many of Talebs on his side under his flag. Now his group posses large numbers and strong firepower.

Insurgent forces are to be situated in several area of operations. They will get exact deployment instructions approx 14 days prior the event. Off-zone is accessible by all participants anytime during the gametime.

There are chemical toilletes, drink water, power generators and some tents with carpets in some area of operations available.



- it is strictly forbidden to use any kind of camouflage jacket

- it is not recommended to use any kind of camouflage trouser

- it is allowed to use millitary equipment and vest

- it is mandatory to wear civilian clothes of afghan / arab type



- construction of Imram Zacharijev´s main base

- construction of particular base in each of area of operations

- keeping main and particular bases operational

- carry given mission if applicable out



- prevent the Allies detection of as much of bases as possible


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